Develop with a conscience

We go to great lengths to ensure old growth trees, creeks, rivers and rocks are
optimized to create the ultimate surrounding of peace and harmony with
nature.  All of Nica Dev's developments maintain the natural beauty,
prohibiting development that negatively impacts the environment. Details of
this regulations will be outlined in your purchase agreement. For more on Las
Fincas de Escamequita, or the new release The Haciendas at Las Fincas, click

Nica Dev is serious about giving back to our community. A
moderate portion of your purchase price will go to build The NicaDev Fund-a
non government organization- that infuses a portion of each sale directly back
into the
communities of Escamequita, Las Parcelas, Las Brisas, Ojo de Agua and El

This aid could be in many forms, including but not limited to; providing
English lessons, building or repairing churches, building a preschool, providing
dental hygiene assistance for the children of the area, cleaning up rivers and
beaches and of course managing the impact we have on the environment.

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Just about 10 minutes south of San Juan del Sur, you can
enjoy the convenience of a city with the tranquility of the
country. Experience the breathtaking views of Costa Rica
and the Bahia de Salinas- the body of water dividing
Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

We are more than just another development in this
beautiful country. Nica Dev takes a refreshing approach to
development by putting the environment and our local
community first.

We realize that by selling more land than most people
need and limiting sizes of structures, providing solar
power exclusively and not allowing trees to be whacked
down- that we aren't for everyone. However, if you are as
serious about the environment as we are, perhaps you
should take a closer look.  

We offer a couple of different ways you can enjoy the
beauty of Nicaragua-
Our first development and widely regarded as Nicaragua's
premium eco-friendly community. Phase I was sold out in
less than a year. Phase II is selling fast  For more
information on Las Fincas,click
Averaging 3-4 acres each, large properties situated in
our beautiful valley and entwined into our 450 plus
acres of private reserve. No ocean views here but
plenty of beauty!

here for details on The Haciendas.
Work is well under
way on the
Costenera, a new
road linking
Nicaragua to
Costa Rica along
the Pacific Coast.

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